Keiichi Arawi
10,92 MB
12 Jun 2018

Looking for a City 2 book? Interesting ... It looks like this book is on our website City 2 PDF - reading online is now so easy!

From the creator of Nichijou comes a new slapstick comedy series about a penniless college student who moves to a town filled with bizarre people. This reckless girl will be the one who eventually sets the city in motion. Niikura reflects on how her friendship with Nagumo began. Wako Izumi is intrigued by Nagumo, and gets a totally wrong idea about her relationship with Niikura. Tatewaku Makabe scores a dubious point during a soccer game, and his father tries to game a peculiar restaurant. Meanwhile, super-strong Granny continues to be unbeatable...

In 2012, for the first time in history the TED Prize went not to a person, but to an idea on which our future depends: The City 2.0. We've examined the intersection of ingenuity and urbanity in TED talks, gatherings around the globe, micro-philanthropy and even collaborative action.