Brian Cox
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03 Jan 2017

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An awe-inspiring, unforgettable journey of scientific exploration from Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw, the top ten bestselling authors of The Quantum Universe.We dare to imagine a time before the Big Bang, when the entire Universewas compressed into a space smaller than an atom. And now, as Brian Coxand Jeff Forshaw show, we can do more than imagine: we can understand.Over the centuries, the human urge to discover has unlocked anincredible amount of knowledge. What it reveals to us is breathtaking. Universal takes us on an epic journey of scientific exploration and, in doing so,reveals how we can all understand some of the most fundamentalquestions about our Earth, Sun, Solar System and the star-filledgalaxies beyond. Some of these questions - How big is our solar system?How fast is space expanding? - can be answered from your back garden;the answers to others - How big is the Universe? What is it made of? -draw on the astonishing information now being gathered by teams ofastronomers operating at the frontiers of the known universe.Atthe heart of all these questions - from the earliest attempts toquantify gravity, to our efforts to understand what dark matter is andwhat really happened at the birth of our universe - is the scientificprocess. Science reveals a deeper beauty, connects us to each other, toour world, and to our Universe; and, by understanding the groundbreakingwork of others, reaches out into the unknown. What's more, as Universalshows us, if we dare to imagine, we can all do it.

Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw take us on an epic journey of scientific exploration, revealing how the biggest questions - from the size of the earth to the distance to the stars - are answerable from our own back gardens.